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Hungary is a wine country – Production of Acacia wine barrels

Hungary has a long history of wine production. We know, wider public has no idea about it… but if you are a wine gourmet, hopefully you have heard about our excellent wine in Hungary.

We have excellent climate, with long sunny days and hills to produce different kinds of wine, red or white or typical Hungarian specialities.

As our company is specialized on barrel products, of course we also produce acacia wine barrels, or oak wine barrels in different sizes.

Acacia wine barrels

At first (some 15-20 years ago), there was a strong aversion against the introduction acacia vats. Yet, acacia  / black locust turned out to be an excellent resource for tight barrels! The wood is impermeable to liquids, regardless of sawing direction, and black locust staves rarely break during bending. The characteristic odour and colour of black locust do not have a negative effect on the wine quality.
More information of characteristics of acacia wood.

acacia wine barrels

acacia wine barrels

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